Here at Medical Weight Loss DTC in Greenwood Village, our medical providers can prescribe some clients with a weight loss medication called phentermine. This drug helps those who are trying to lose weight do so by suppressing their desire to eat, which also helps lead to a better diet and ultimately weight loss. The professionals at our Greenwood Village center talk with clients to hear out the issues they’re having with their weight, and if it is decided that phentermine is something that can help them, we get them set up with a prescription for the appetite suppressant pills.

What This Medication Does in Terms of Weight Loss

Phentermine is used to help people lose weight by suppressing their appetite, because it affects the part of the inner brain that controls our impulse to overeat. Along with diet and exercise, this product also leads to a boosted metabolism for Greenwood Village clients, which burns fat and ultimately sheds pounds. This weight loss medication is a prescription pill that’s taken once a day and starts working right away, bringing about an average loss of 8-12 pounds per month.

Common Side Effects Our Greenwood Village Clients Experience

We start every one of our Greenwood Village clients with a standard dose of the weight loss medication and we can increase or decrease as needed based off how they feel. Common side effects associated with appetite suppressant pills are dry mouth, constipation, and restlessness. Phentermine is classified as a Schedule 4 controlled substance by the Food and Drug Administration, implying that it does have the potential to be abused. Tolerance and dependence can develop over time, so it is best prescribed to those in Greenwood Village who need major weight loss, not those just looking for a crutch to help stay in shape.

Candidates for This Medication in Greenwood Village

There are a couple of things for clients to be aware of when taking a weight loss medication. Preexisting factors like high blood pressure and thyroid conditions need to be monitored, and we keep an eye on these things each time clients come to see us at Medical Weight Loss DTC. Those who take antidepressants should ask their psychiatrist if these medications are okay to take. Pregnant woman in Greenwood Village or those who breastfeed should not take Phentermine. Please note some professions do not allow employees to be on prescription weight loss pills because they can show up as amphetamines on a drug test.

Interested in Appetite Suppressant Pills? Call Us!

If you are interested in taking appetite suppressant pills to help reach your weight loss goals, give us a call in Greenwood Village for more details or to book an appointment.