At Medical Weight Loss DTC, we are here to help clients in Greenwood Village obtain the appearance they long for but can’t seem to achieve on their own.  We offer several services for transforming body shape, one of which is the CoolSculpting® method of fat freezing. Also known as cryolipolysis, this type of treatment involves the use of cold temperatures to target fatty cells, allowing individuals to acquire a slimmer, more svelte look without any invasive procedures or major lifestyle changes. Our Greenwood Village clients appreciate how convenient CoolSculpting makes achieving the appearances they want.

Using Science of Cryolipolysis in Greenwood Village

The CoolSculpting method of cryolipolysis that we use is a tightening technique that has been performed on more than seven million people worldwide. Using cold temperatures to freeze off fat is a revolutionary way to rid of pudges and bulges that has made its way into the medical aesthetics industry after the idea was developed by Harvard scientists. They noticed that eating popsicles caused the cheeks to dimple, and further investigation discovered that it is because the cold targets fatty tissue. CoolSculpting takes this knowledge and uses it to an advantage, allowing us to help our Greenwood Village clients gain authority over their appearances.

About Greenwood Village CoolSculpting Procedures

Nearly everybody has some part or parts of their body that they aren’t pleased with, even people in Greenwood Village that exercise plenty and have a healthy diet. This is because some fatty tissue is resistant to these things, so no matter how hard one targets it, it remains a problem area. However, cryolipolysis treatments pinpoint these cells and freeze them until they are eliminated. The disappearance of fatty tissue means the disappearance of fat, which means a slimmer, more sculpted shape. Because it’s designed to create results that show, CoolSculpting is great for those in Greenwood Village who are more focused on being happy with what’s in the mirror rather than what’s on the scale.

Long-lasting Results for Greenwood Village Clients

CoolSculpting procedures are non-invasive treatments that use temperature to train one’s body to destroy fat cells. Because it creates an internal change in cells that happens naturally over time, cryolipolysis offers great long-lasting results that stick, which is why it is one of the most popular services for those in Greenwood Village who are looking to slim down. Once the fat fully freezes, it dies and deteriorates, and unlike other treatments where results fade and wear off over time, these results last!

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