People come to our Greenwood Village aesthetic center for all kinds of assistance with their appearances. From head to toe, there are many areas one can be self-conscious about, and the CoolSculpting® services we offer at Medical Weight Loss DTC are designed to destroy body-centric insecurities by freezing fat. Cryolipolysis procedures are FDA approved and can create a slimmer, tightened look for certain sections of the body, including the stomach, thighs, arms, back, butt, and chin. No matter what about your body bugs you, it’s likely our Greenwood Village office offers a CoolSculpting procedure that can target it.

Customize What Fat to Freeze in Greenwood Village

Before clients undergo CoolSculpting treatments, we hold a consultation with them at our Greenwood Village office to discuss which bulges are bugging them. Depending on which areas of their body that they desire to change, we then design a treatment plan that will target those areas by freezing away the fat. There are a few different applicators that can be used that are designed for the different sections of skin which CoolSculpting is FDA-cleared for CoolAdvantage™, CoolAdvantage™ Petite, CoolAdvantage Plus™, CoolMini®, and the CoolSmooth PRO™.

Treatment Areas for Our Greenwood Village Clients

  • ABDOMEN – Freezing away fat on the stomach means clothes will fit you better and you don’t need to cover up in a swimsuit anymore
  • FLANKS/SIDES – Shrinking this area (commonly called love handles or muffin top) through CoolSculpting means no more skin spilling over the sides of your pants
  • INNER THIGHS – We can freeze away fat from the inner thighs of Greenwood Village clients, increasing the size of their leg gap
  • OUTER THIGHS – CoolSculpting procedures can rid of the ripples caused by cellulite on the outer thighs and sides of the legs
  • DOUBLE CHIN – Called the submental area, excess fat on the chin and neck is something nobody wants, and something we can treat in Greenwood Village
  • UPPER ARMS – Sagging skin hanging off the upper arms is the third largest concern of women seeking treatment, and can be frozen away with CoolSculpting
  • UNDER BUTTOCKS – Fatty pouches and cellulite-covered skin under the butt can be shrunk through the cryolipolysis process

Multitasking in Greenwood Village for a Dream Body

Oftentimes our clients in Greenwood Village have multiple problem zones and will thus get treatments on multiple areas at once. Unlike how when you go to the gym you have a leg day or focus on abs during a particular session, with CoolSculpting, there is no need to limit yourself to what you can work on. Its common for clients to receive simultaneous services, so if you want arms and stomach toned, or thighs and buttocks, know that we can address each of your problem areas during one visit.

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