Here at Medical Weight Loss Weight DTC, our staff’s number one goal is in our namesake: helping clients in Greenwood Village lose weight. We understand what a burden having bulges and feeling fat can be on both your health and confidence, so we are here to provide weight loss help so clients can attain a slimmer physique. From vitamins, hormones, prescriptions, and injections, we offer a wide variety of substances that aid in slimming down at our weight loss clinic. Trying to lose weight is hard, and there is no shame in receiving a little extra help.

Hormone Therapy Services

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Testosterone Injections

Weight Loss Help in Greenwood Village: Supplements

Depending on the weight management goals of our clients, we can prescribe them pills or offer supplements to help them look and feel better. Here at Medical Weight Loss DTC, we prescribe appetite suppressants that work to curb overeating, which is something that 30 percent of people seeking help with their weight struggle with. These pills - phentermine and phendimetrazine - help people in Greenwood Village avoid going overboard when it comes to eating so they can lose fat and shed a few pounds. Vitamin C supplements are another thing we are happy to provide to people who come visit us in Greenwood Village.

Medical Weight Loss Injections in Greenwood Village

We also offer several weight loss injections that consist of substances that train the body to lose weight. There are a number of injectables available at our weight loss clinic, each with a different mixture of compounds that will aid in weight management. We use lipotropic injections and injections of vitamin B-12 to boost metabolism and help people lose weight. Human chorionic gonadotropin (HCG) injections, another thing we offer in Greenwood Village, is a hormone treatment that works for weight loss help.

Weight Management from Greenwood Village Experts

Our mission is to help clients reach their goals so they can have the bodies they want. We offer prescriptions and supplements that aid in weight loss in a number of ways, from suppressing appetite to boosting metabolism and balancing hormones. When you come to us in Greenwood Village for weight loss services, you have a whole team of medical professionals working to help you achieve your goals. Our experts don’t only handle injections, but they also conduct labs and monitor progress to make sure the pounds come off.

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