Many people in Greenwood Village are unhappy with some aspect of their bodies and think they could look better. While our daily lives are often too busy to incorporate extensive exercise or detailed diet plans into, that does not mean people have to give up on looking thinner. New advancements in the medical weight loss field have introduced the idea of cryolipolysis fat freezing. Commonly referred to as CoolSculpting®, this treatment for thinning bulk and bulges is offered at Medical Weight Loss DTC for clients in Greenwood Village who would like an easy way to erase fat.

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Greenwood Village Clinic Using Cryolipolysis

CoolSculpting® procedures use temperature to target and activate fatty tissue that our Greenwood Village clients consider a problem area and want gone. CoolSculpting® is the inverse of burning fat, as it involves the targeted freezing of unwanted fat in order to yield similar results. Because fat freezes before other bodily tissues, low temperature can target those cells while leaving the rest unphased. People in Greenwood Village appreciate that Coolsculpting® procedures are a non-invasive way to transform one’s body without having to undergo costly surgeries or strict dieting.

Who Gets CoolScupting® in Greenwood Village?

It may sound weird that people in Greenwood Village come to an office for assistance with reaching their aesthetic goals, but many of our clients at DTC Medical Weight Loss have found that CoolSculpting® procedures are an effective way to target stubborn flab. When a spot refuses to tone despite repeated exercising, consider our fat freezing services. Our clients in Greenwood Village are pleased with the fact that cryolipolysis only involves them showing up for their appointment and letting one of our specialists sculpt their bodies.

Greenwood Village CoolSculpting Procedures

When you come to DTC Medical Weight Loss for a CoolSculpting® appointment, you can have confidence that you’re in good hands. Our office is a comfortable environment to undergo cryolipolysis services and the procedures are very simple, only involving the use of a numbing device to desensitize your skin while your body temperature is lowered to one that is ideal for fat freezing. Clients in Greenwood Village usually read, nap, or just relax while the treatment is underway, then immediately continue going about their day once it’s completed.

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