Fat Reduction vs Weight Loss

One of the complaints we hear most often from our Greenwood Village clients is “I need to lose weight.” While we all have been trained to think that skinny correlates to smaller numbers on a scale, that’s actually misleading regarding weight management. When someone in Greenwood Village wants to look better, the amount they weigh is actually not as important as their fat percentage. CoolSculpting is designed to destroy fat cells to yield noticeable results.

Science of Losing Weight in Greenwood Village

When people in Greenwood Village say they want to lose weight, what they probably mean is they have pudge that want gone. People associate dropping pounds with getting skinnier, but while the number on the scale may be smaller, that doesn’t mean their body shape undergoes much change. This is because that when your weight goes down, whether from exercise, diet, or whatever it may be, fat cells shrink, but are all still there. As a result, any weight gain-inducing lifestyle changes will also increase the fatty cells again, potentially causing one’s body to lose progress made through weight loss efforts. For this reason, CoolSculpting is a better, more reliable method to keeping off weight that is lost.

Why Greenwood Village Clients Want to Lose Fat

Here at Medical Weight Loss DTC in Greenwood Village, we help clients realize that focusing on fat loss will bring them in accordance with their appearance goals better than trying to lose weight will. The CoolSculpting procedures we do here freeze and destroy fat cells so that they are entirely eliminated. Pudges, bulges, rolls and more shrink without any risk of returning like there is with other methods of weight loss. Fatty tissue is actually reduced by 20 to 25% through cryolipolysis procedures, meaning the area will look that much slimmer. CoolSculpting addresses the problem areas so that clients in Greenwood City look and feel better regardless of what a scale may say.

Greenwood Village CoolSculpting to Target Issues

Our weight is a number that calculates gravity’s force on our bodies comprised of many factors including fat, muscle, bone density, organs, and water. Losing weight means risking losing muscle or just water retention, so it is not necessarily the best plan of attack for specific areas that have too much fat. CoolSculpting’s cooling technology targets fatty tissue to get to the root of the problem, which isn’t the amount one weighs, it’s the percentage of fat in their body.

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